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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finish This Story!

         So this blogpost is for the Student blogging challenge week five and you guys will be apart of it.  What you guys have to do is finish this story. Just comment is the comment section on how you think how I should finish it!
Dog sitting on mountains

            Every day I sit on this mountain looking out into the world past Happy Hills. Wondering when I will be able to leave and if I won't have to be terrified any longer. And to this day I wonder when I won't be watched over behind my back, and then I heard a sound. A loud, screeching noise from the woods. I turned away from the gorgeous hills and looked over my withers into the wedge between the tallest trees and finding 3 wolves and a bear capturing a small Akita pup chained to a log near a river. I jumped and ran as fast as I could through the woods, through the tree wedge, over a fallen tree trunk, around a hole and then stopping in my tracks and instantly seeing the large log breaking apart inch by inch waiting to snap and put the young Akita to its doom. Where I then felt pain in my paws, I was stepping on their trap! A bunch of sharp rocks set up to stop me from saving the puppy! They knew I would come try to save him, they knew I wouldn't be able to run after the small pup, such sabotage! But then before eyes the brach snapped and the young pup fell into the cold water, frigid and scared. Ignoring the pain I lept in the water attempting to save the pup swimming after her. I got closer by the centimeter when I saw a slope coming up ahead,it was a waterfall.

What should happened next? 

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