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Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Global Issue

   A global issue around the world is animal shelters. Animal Shelters around the world put healthy dogs down and in horrible environments like metal cages with barley any food and water (almost abuse) to make space for other dogs who will later be put down with shots and Euthanasia. Animal shelters find animals on the streets and take them in for a couple weeks not even putting up signs if the dog has a home and owner, not even caring about the actual animal. And the worst thing is that if the dog doesn't get adopted, they think the dog is not wanted, but, truly every dog has a home.

   When shelter puts down a dog they use shots with Euthanasia and a long tube attached. Not all animal shelters are the same. Fortunate homeless and unwanted animals end up in the hundreds of open-admission animal shelters that are staffed by professional, caring people. At these facilities, frightened animals are reassured, sick and injured animals receive treatment or an end to their suffering, and the animals’ living quarters are kept clean and dry but, with no bed or toys. Workers at these facilities never turn away needy animals and give careful consideration to each animal’s special emotional and physical needs.To be able to offea condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble to every animal in need, open-admission shelters must euthanize unadopted and unadoptable animals. The alternative—turning them away—is cruel and leaves the animals in grave danger.

    Many less fortunate lost or abandoned animals end up in pitiful shelters that are nothing more than shacks without walls or other protection from the elements, where animals are often left to die from exposure, disease, or fights with other animals. About 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 13 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year. So-called “no-kill” or “turn-away” shelters, which are supported by supposed animal rights activist Nathan Winograd, have the luxury of not euthanizing animals because they turn away needy ones whom they deem unadoptable. Many keep waiting lists, which compromise animals’ safety by leaving them in situations in which they are clearly unwanted. Where do these unwanted animals go?  The lucky ones will be taken to clean open-admission facilities that have responsible policies about euthanasia and adoption. But many animals who are refused by turn-away facilities are dumped on the road, in the woods, in the yard of the local “cat lady” (also called a “hoarder“), or in the custody of any other having or showing no moral principles; meaning not an  honest or fair person. Some don’t even make it out of the animal shelter’s parking lot because they are so small. In June 2005, for example, a Pennsylvania man who tried to surrender his dog to a no-kill shelter was told that he would have to make an appointment to return two weeks later when the facility might have room. The man grabbed his dog, got in his pickup truck, and left. At the next intersection, he threw the dog out of the truck and ran over him, crushing the dog beneath his tires. Shelter workers, who wouldn’t help the dog before he died, collected the dog’s remains. Did you know that approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year? Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. Each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized (1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats). Another fact is that 8-12 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year and almost 5-9 million are euthanized (60% of dogs and 70% of cats). Shelter intakes are about evenly divided between those relinquished by owners and those picked up by animal control.

  You can help stop the overpopulation crisis that leads to extremely crowded animal shelters. Sign PETA’s pledge to end animal homelessnessalways have your animal companions spayed or neutered (which can make your animal live longer), and never buy an animal from a breeder or small brand pet shopPlease do not allow your companion animal to be needlessly euthanized during times of crises. Take the suitable or proper approach in the circumstances to ensure that he or she is well taken care of even after your divorce or death.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finish This Story!

         So this blogpost is for the Student blogging challenge week five and you guys will be apart of it.  What you guys have to do is finish this story. Just comment is the comment section on how you think how I should finish it!
Dog sitting on mountains

            Every day I sit on this mountain looking out into the world past Happy Hills. Wondering when I will be able to leave and if I won't have to be terrified any longer. And to this day I wonder when I won't be watched over behind my back, and then I heard a sound. A loud, screeching noise from the woods. I turned away from the gorgeous hills and looked over my withers into the wedge between the tallest trees and finding 3 wolves and a bear capturing a small Akita pup chained to a log near a river. I jumped and ran as fast as I could through the woods, through the tree wedge, over a fallen tree trunk, around a hole and then stopping in my tracks and instantly seeing the large log breaking apart inch by inch waiting to snap and put the young Akita to its doom. Where I then felt pain in my paws, I was stepping on their trap! A bunch of sharp rocks set up to stop me from saving the puppy! They knew I would come try to save him, they knew I wouldn't be able to run after the small pup, such sabotage! But then before eyes the brach snapped and the young pup fell into the cold water, frigid and scared. Ignoring the pain I lept in the water attempting to save the pup swimming after her. I got closer by the centimeter when I saw a slope coming up ahead,it was a waterfall.

What should happened next? 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hypoallergenic Dogs

A lot of people have allergies and are not able to get the pets they want so badly but what they do not now is that you can get a Hypoallergenic Dog. A Hypoallergenic dog is a dog breed that is commonly used to refer to a dog breed (or crossbreed) that is more compatible with people who have allergies than other breeds. These breeds might have less hair or are non-shedding. Although not ALL dogs are 100% hypoallergenic you may not get an as severe reaction. Some breeds that that are better for allergic people are Afghan Hound, American Hairless terrier, Bedlington Terrier, Bichon Frise, Chinese crested, Maltese, Poodle and Labradoodle and last but not least Coton de Tulear. For more information go to AKC (american kennel club) and
Golden doodle

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why was the March on Washington so important?

The March on Washington had such an impact on the way things are today. This heroic event took place in spring August 28, 1963 and was the day of freedom and jobs. When Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous I have a dream speech, at least 250,000 people took place at the Washington Monument. I think this event had such an impact on people because now people don't judge by the color of their skin and now African Americans have more freedom. After the March white people could go to school with African Americans and be friends with them as well. And I guess you could say the March really paid off. For more information about the March on Washington go to or info 

Friday, October 23, 2015

My Part

When people are kids they think of what they want to be when they grow up the most common are Pro Football player, and Pro Swimmer or whatever sport you play, but does sports really help the world? Sure they exercise you and football, basketball and baseball games entertain you but they don't really help us. When I grow up I want to be a vet and figure out how to solve pet cancer and maybe later human cancer and that would be fantastic! And that would be my part in the world.